Growing up in Westchester County New York, I always dreamt of moving into the big city and making my mark.  A child of the eighties, I dreamt of being a big time fashion designer, dressing models in my Madonna inspired fashions and seeing my designs in all the hottest magazines. When I realized the chances of being the next Donna Karan were slim, I switched gears to decorating.  I still loved fashion, but I loved the blank canvas that decorating a room provided. Luckily my mom gave me the opportunity to stage rooms for the homes she was selling as a local realtor.  To make a room come alive , and bring a smile to peoples face was exhilarating to me. I decided to make my fabulous cart art panels for the same reason.” Everything should be beautiful” ,  has become my company’s credo….even an everyday item like a shopping cart. Together with the gifted graphic artist and manufacturer of CartArt’s attachable panels, Felix Rodriguez of Roma Signs in the Bronx New York, these beautiful creations came to life. My hope is that every cart owner from hipsters to sassy seniors join the Cart Art revolution. Together we can make our streets a treat for the eyes, and every cart owner can tell the world who they are with what I like to call ” Rolling Art”.

Don’t try to be someone else… Do You!